General Health Check-up in Kukatpally, Hyderabad

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Sunder General Health Checkup Package Rs. 1499/-

Package details

  • Orginal Price Rs. 2350/-
  • Selling Price Rs. 1499/-
  • Location Kukatpally, Hyderabad
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Available 7 days


Sunder Clinic and Diagnostics Center at Kukatpally Hyderabad provides exclusive discounts up to 36% off on general health check-up prices Rs. 2350/- to Rs. 1499/-. General health check-up includes complete blood tests, Liver function tests, and Thyroid tests, and the package is more suitable for the 18+ years age group people for the annual check-up.

Doctors are also advised to get regular health checkups to detect potentially life-threatening health issues or diseases at early stages and it will give the best chances for the doctor to give the right treatment quickly. So, It’s an important step toward living a longer, healthier life.

General Health Checkup List

Sno Investigations
1 Complete Blood Picture (CBP)
2 Random Blood Sugar (RBS)
3 Blood Urea
4 Serum Creatinine
5 Blood Grouping
6 Liver Function Test (LFT)
7 Serum Electrolytes
8 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. (TSH)
9 Complete Urine Examination (CUE)